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Monday, 30. December 2019

Philipp Schäfer - new member of managing board

The managing board is expanded: since January 2020 Philipp Schäfer joins the managing board of the Voigt Software und Beratung AG.

In order to take account of the challenges of digitization, technological development and rapid growth, we expand the management board of Voigt Software und Beratung AG. From January 1st, 2020 Philipp Schäfer, long-time employee of Voigt Software und Beratung AG, will join the management board. Philipp Schäfer has been working at Voigt for over 16 years and has extensive experience as well as the necessary skills to lead Voigt AG and its customers to economic success. With this strengthening of the board, we are sending out an essential signal for the development of our own young talents. Philipp Schäfer will be responsible for controlling and steering the technological development in Voigt Software und Beratung AG.