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Philipp Schäfer - new member of managing board

The managing board is expanded: since January 2020 Philipp Schäfer ...


OLGA und THEA - new patch available

now availalbel: get the newest patch of our software OLGA -


scope of functionalities of MOFA - the software for mobile sales

  • Extensive range of functionalities for sales order processing, e.g. creating new orders, updating existing orders, order overview with search function for bulk and cylinder business
  • Calculation and display of the customer’s cylinder stock – this ensures the cylinder deposit invoicing
  • Separate invoicing for deposit, utilization and gas
  • Confirmation of the delivery data via GSM, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS to the head office
  • On-board inventory management for truck pool and loading control, the current stock on the  vehicle can be called up at any time
  • Route scheduling data for tour planning imported from OLGA – the back office ERP software for LPG business
  • Recurring tours can be planned in OLGA and are automatically send to the corresponding vehicles
  • Invoices, delivery notes and receipts can be generated and printed directly on customer's site
  • Master data can be transmitted to MOFA according to different selection criteria (e.g. region, sales office)
  • Delivery data is imported into the back office, this allows the generation of automatic warehouse postings in OLGA – the ERP software solution for the LPG business
  • Generation of performance data (e.g. working hours, kilometers etc.)
  • End of tour report: overview of generated invoices, cash receipts and delivery notes,  printout of the  daily report 
  • Generation of tour documents
  • electronic signature on delivery notes, invoices for cash payments and receipts
  • MOFA is multitenant
  • MOFA can be used for the cylinder and bulk business as well as for installation and service
  • flow meter connection