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Philipp Schäfer - new member of managing board

The managing board is expanded: since January 2020 Philipp Schäfer ...


OLGA und THEA - new patch available

now availalbel: get the newest patch of our software OLGA -


Special highlights and surplus values of OLGA

Special highlights and surplus values of OLGA – the software solution for the LPG-business

  • With OLGA you are sure to own an approved system in the LPG-business with  a modern software architecture and a strong customer orientation.
  • With OLGA you will experience fast, flexible, integrated and efficient business processes.
  • Intuitive and practice approved user interface
  • Comprehensive help functions, tailored to the processes of the branch.
  • Advantages in competition can be attributed to a high service level in customer contacts. With the OLGA customer contact management you act actively on the market.
  • OLGA is mandator and agency capable, freely scalable and characterized by a comprehensive authorization control.
  • Interfaces towards the partners of the branch as well as portals towards their service providers and customers have already been realized.
  • OLGA is multilingual and complies with the international requirements of central and decentral organisations.
  • MOFA “software for mobile sales“ is integrated completely
  • CASH “the electronic cash book“ is integrated completely
  • Voigt is long time experienced in the LPG-business and speaks the language of the branch. Certainly all our employees do posses the current business know-how.
  • Just benefit from our consulting competences regarding business process optimisation – it will be a pleasure for us to help you!