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Philipp Schäfer - new member of managing board

The managing board is expanded: since January 2020 Philipp Schäfer ...


OLGA und THEA - new patch available

now availalbel: get the newest patch of our software OLGA -


Analysis of Business Processes

The definition „analysis of business processes“ makes clear,  that the examination of business processes deals with operations and procedures regarding a business or a company. Finally, such an analysis serves to increase competitiveness and to improve economic success.

If you want to do this with specialists, Voigt is the right partner for you! We know your business and that makes it easy for you to communicate with us in the right way from the start. You tell us your topics and we use our profound knowledge and our tools to analyze – and far more important -   to optimize the processes.

Give us a challenge. Discuss results with us - not only definitions!