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Demand Planning for LPG bulk business

The OLGA demand planning helps your company to  ensure an essential competitive advantage. OLGA demand calculation provides an assured forecast of the supply situation for all your LPG-customers. The demand planning identifies, and if you wish on a daily basis, the current filling degree in the containers of your customers. Therefore it has the possibility to calculate the range of the remaining gas. At the right time, you are able to indicate the individual demand to your customer and you can generate purchase orders actively.  Thus you furthermore bind customers to you, you optimize tours and if necessary you can control your purchasing policy via the demand planning.

The demand planning makes it possible, to advise customers on time about their individual demand. You can possibly supply your customers without time pressure at the start of the season. It is possible to ensure these advantages via a clear forecast about the bulk range of each LPG-customer. For the demands planning generally the values current filling degree, range in weeks and range until calendar week are identified. The OLGA demand planning is effected exclusively for bulk customers and is based on actual temperatures. The German weather stations can import the daily temperature figures directly via internet. Your tank vehicles can be used to full capacity by a better tour planning. This can be achieved with the help of the OLGA demand planning and its tour amendment - thus you save costs.

Additionally, orders can be generated automatically via the OLGA demand planning. Your administrative expenses are reduced.

The demand planning is the basis for the module CRM-activities.

With the OLGA demand planning, you are able to permanently maintain your customer master data. The entered data and information are checked regularly during customer contact. This is our understanding of active customer retentio.

  • Implementation of active sales and basis for several activities regarding bulk gas customers
  • The daily, professional acquisition leads automatically to extraordinary sales success
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to container idling is avoided
  • The OLGA demand planning bulk gas improves the utilization of your tank vehicles
  • OLGA demand planning bulk gas, reduces administrative expenses, by the automatic generation of orders
  • Possible analysis of future demand planning, purchasing policy will be optimized
  • Clear competitive advantage due to the possible, cost-efficient supply of the LPG customers in the „warm season“
  • In case of tenant changes, the consumption behaviour of the previous customer can be transferred to the new customer
  • Integrated in OLGA, direct access to customer contact, purchase order and prices